In an old still undeveloped area of Osaka where old style houses tightly stand next to each other, this two story house for a family just blends in. The site location is only about 15 minute walk from down town Osaka and is very convenient to go anywhere. However, on the other hand, the crowdedness of the area as well as its security were just some of the subjects that had to be solved. The house’s size is almost the same as the site since the site is quite compact, leaving no space for a garden. So the only nature client can enjoy is the sky. For those reasons, the house is basically covered by walls with minimum window openings and it is only open to the sky to enjoy indirect natural light from the inner terrace as well as high side windows on side. Even the bath faces the inner terrace so that the owner has complete privacy. And all of this makes the house, or the interior, very private and secured.
- bouzatsuan -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose