After the spread of COVID 19, the way of living has drastically changed. People spent most of their time at home. Every social activities such as work, school, meetings, play, lunch, dinner, movie, travel, etc. that took place outside everyone’s home became an activity to be done in their houses. Moreover this house was designed during this period and the task was to design many spaces that will accommodate the needs of these social activities that took place outside of home. This meant that social and private activities which used to be separate activities are now mixed inside each houses. Therefore, many spaces were needed inside in and out to accommodate the needs. To put it the other way, the use of each spaces are not fixed to a certain task. The family member can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner outside or inside the house as well as join a zoom meeting, watch a movie, have a drink with friends, work, attend class, etc anywhere in the house. There are many big and small spaces spread in this house to accommodate these needs. It is almost like old style Japanese houses without a plan where all activities took place in basically one single room that transformed into any rooms such as dining, living, work, play etc. under the needs. The title of this house “Katsuraku” means that it is free from a stereo typical use of space and the use of this house’s space is free from the stereo typical use.
- katsurakusou -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose