写真:中村写真工房 中村大輔

It is a new store of the baked sweet potato specialty store Ishingura, which has its main store in Naramachi in the ancient capital of Nara. Based on the owner's intention to be genuine, finishing materials were carefully chosen just like the Naramachi store. World is surrounded by fake materials cut and pasted (interiors that can be seen in many stores around the city), and yet, this store was specific about simply putting together real materials such as cedar and silas, a special soil from a specific region of Japan. Sweet potatoes are also grown in soil and cedar is a tree that has existed since ancient times in Japan, and wood and soil are the base of Japanese architecture that are ecologically friendly. We can only hope that this store which uses materials that change beautifully with the passage of time will be loved by users for a long time.
- ishingura -

Photo:Nakamura Photo Studio (Daisuke Nakamura)