SHOP/INTERIOR ikki(Shop/Interior)



This is a complex building with 5 aboveground floors and 1 basement floor, located at Takakura Oike in Kyoto City. The program of this building is quite complicated, consisting of offices, workshops, showrooms, beauty salons, nail salons, and two-family residences. The highlight of the building is the 2.5m wide, 5m deep, 1.5m deep aquarium on the first floor, where you can see unusual fish with a body length of about 1.5m, such as alligator gar, swimming in it from the road in front. You can also see the bonfires, a seasonal feature of Kyoto, from the rooftop, making it a truly luxurious space. The site is about 5m wide and 25m deep, and the buildings are staggered in between, so it was a very difficult project in terms of planning and structure to incorporate all these elements. After four and a half years since our first meeting with the client, the building was finally completed.

Structure:Shimoyama Architects Office.
Photo:Daijiro Okada