構造:T-Square Design Associates
写真:T-Square Design Associates

This is a two-story wooden house for a family of three located in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture. The surrounding residential area has a very conservative atmosphere, so the exterior is orthodox with a simple gable roof to make it easier for the young couple to fit in. However, once you step inside, you are greeted by a dynamic space centered on the intermediate area that connects the first and second floors. The intermediate area is originally a place for movement, but it has been used for another purpose beyond its original purpose of being a place for family gatherings. Although it is only a three-tatami space, it plays a role in connecting the public zone on the first floor and the private zone on the second floor making the whole house as a vertical one-room. A louver-like floor loft is installed above the intermediate area, creating a rich four-story space that cannot be imagined from the two-story exterior.
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Structure:T-Square Design Associates
Photo:T-Square Design Associates