写真:中村写真工房 中村大輔

This is a renovation project of a townhouse in Gion, Kyoto. Due to the oldness of the architecture and interior, the owner decided to renovate the place. A traditional style of a town house in Gion is that shops, restaurants or bars are on the first floor letting direct access from the road with the living quarter above. Here, the first floor is a bar operated by one of the sisters who live above. A very strict regulation about changing the façade also exists in Gion, so the façade was kept as it was. (the exterior was remade off course but to look exactly like before, all materials were simply replaced to new same materials) The townhouse style as an architecture was kept so that the owner can keep the same life style. However, the actual plan, finishing material and everything else were changed. It is difficult to notice what was done from the outside but once you enter inside, a completely different space is created. Please try to find this bar in Gion and have a drink.

Photo:Nakamura Photo Studio (Daisuke Nakamura)