This is a renovation of one unit in an apartment where a family of three in their 40s lives, a couple with one child. The husband of this house is someone who has mastered a certain "path" and values ​​relationships with people and family ties. The wife pursues her own hobbies. The wife cares about movement flow in the house, while the husband is particular about design and texture (not superficial things, but the spirituality that exists beyond that). This space fulfills the desires of these two people, who at first glance seem to be contrasting. A large ring was installed on the ceiling and they live under it. It is as if the ring is always watching over the family, and the ring connects the family ties. With this in mind, we focused again on what kind of space is appropriate and what the finishing materials that support that space are, and the relationship between them. Wall and ceiling finishes that absorb light and create beautiful shadows, and floor materials that balance them. The "surfaces" that show different expressions depending on the finishing material and the location represent the tranquility that exists in a space where light and shadow are in harmony. For the husband, who has mastered one "path," the spirituality of the space is an important element, and the silence that exists in the space and materials is an important element that supports that spirituality.
- rinkeikyo -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose