Bar SARAVAH in Nishitenma, near the Osaka District Court. This Nishitenma store will be the third store after Ashiya and Kitashinchi. The biggest feature of each store is the owner's commitment to a long counter with a single board of 9 meters long. Both the Ashiya store and the Kitashinchi store are located on the upper floors of the building, but this Nishitenma store is the only street-level store, and there are large openings on two walls, so you can see the length of the counter well (it is natural to say that it was chosen based on the location based on this condition with the owner). When you enter the restaurant from the short direction, the one-piece counter swings at an angle of 5 degrees to the space and asserts its length with a sense of perspective, and if you look at the longitudinal direction from the road, you can see the whole view, creating the appearance of an overseas bar. The wall of the back counter, which can be said to be the symbol of the bar, is made of soil from Awaji Island, and the surface is deliberately cracked, and the plastering is finished with the image of the dry African land, which is inspired by the theory that the name "SARAVAH" means blessing in Portuguese, and that the etymology is Africa. By the way, the counter material is made in Africa. Please go and moisten your thirst while looking at the wall that resembles the dry land of Africa.
- Bar SARAVAH in Nishitenma -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose