写真:中村写真工房 中村大輔

This is a wooden rental apartment and owner's residence located a short walk from the main gate of Kyoto University. Originally on site, there was a symmetrical two-story wooden townhouse that was almost completely dilapidated, but due to its deterioration, the owners (sisters) decided to rebuild it. Since the original building was symmetrical, we planned to make the building shape twin from the beginning. This is because we thought that somehow evoking the shape of the original building would lead to the inheritance of the area’s memories. This area is in a landscape restriction area (strict city code to protect the townscape of Kyoto) with Yoshida Shrine nearby and Yoshidayama towering in the background. With various restrictions such as eaves and ridges, roof shapes, and colors, we explored how to inherit only memories while replacing them with new ones. Kyoto with its’ long history is not a city that has survived only by preserving the old, but it is the flexibility to adopt new things and incorporating into the old throughout its’ long history.
- sohandon -

Structure:Amano Architect and Structural Design Office, Ltd.
Photo:Nakamura Photo Studio (Daisuke Nakamura)