写真:中村写真工房 中村大輔

Gyoza Tateyama is a famous dumpling store listed in the Michelin Guide which has two stores in Osaka. This new store is located in Senrioka, Suita City, Osaka and it specializes in take-out dumplings. The chewiness of the raw dumplings and the lightly seasoned meat inside is a perfect match. Good thing, it is a restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide! The menu contains original dumplings, vegetable dumplings, and perilla dumplings which are all exquisitely good. In addition to these, the shrimp dumplings to taste with salt are also irresistible. The design concept of this shop was to create a store that elegantly expresses the gentle taste of raw dumplings. The softness of the skin is expressed by the finish of the wall, and the folds of the skin of the dumplings are expressed by the pattern of the cedar board under the counter. Please go and get your own dumplings in the cozy store with nice jazz BGM.

Photo:Nakamura Photo Studio (Daisuke Nakamura)