The location of the house is on a hillside between Osaka and Kobe called “Hanshinkan”. Even though it stands in a housing area, due to the high ground, an excellent wide view of Osaka can be seen. There were two conditions given by the client. One was to take advantage of this special site condition (view, high ground, partially sloped) and the other was to cover the house with trees so that the client can enjoy the feeling of living in the woods. Half of the site is covered with slope and has a narrow area where it is hard to build along with a 2 meter wall setback code. Therefore, very limited flat space was left to build the house. The first floor volume was planned on this limited flat area and covered the rest of it with trees and the second floor volume was cantilevered from the first floor volume towards the slope in order to pass all conditions given. Private rooms such as each bedrooms were planned on the first floor in a radial position with gardens on both sides to make the plan compact as well as to create an intermediate space in between to enjoy the garden. As mentioned, the second floor sits cantilevered from the first floor with a long straight space that contains living, dining and kitchen and the rest. The space is drifted from the first floor volume below leaving the space above the bedrooms free for a huge terrace to enjoy the view. This terrace serves again as an intermediate space between the living and garden. These spaces are structurally supported by concrete on the first floor and wood on the second and this can be noticed from the elevation of the house.
- tsuinokaku -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose