写真:中村写真工房 中村大輔

This is a renovation of the showroom of U-Life Co., Ltd., which handles German kitchen Zeyko (now eggersman) and Italian kitchen Key, located in Osaka Nanko ATC. For over 10 years, the company has been struggling to improve the image of its showroom, and when it finally decided to do the renovation, it started by finding commonalities between the brand images promoted by the two German and Italian manufacturers. Looking at the catalogs of these two companies, although the images they promote are different, several common keywords such as "simple" and "chic" were discovered. By unifying the whole project around these keywords as the main concept, it was possible to create a space where kitchens from two companies that at first glance seem completely different could coexist. Since the display products in a showroom change regularly, it is very important to find commonalities between the two kitchens.
- zeyko -

Photo:Nakamura Photo Studio (Daisuke Nakamura)