Corona is changing the way house plans are laid out. Both adults and children spend more time at home. And the importance of the place where each family member spend time is attracting renewed attention. This family consists of five people, parents in their 50s and three children from junior high school to high school. In few more years, the children will probably leave the house in turn. Considering the social situation and the life cycle of the family, the meaning of creating an orthodox floor plan diminishes. The site is located at the end of the area called Senri Hills where nice wind often passes through it. Therefore, a wooden louver that doubles as a blindfold is placed on the north and south sides to create a mechanism that makes it easy for the wind to pass through. The wind passes through the intermediate area (external atrium) and flows into the room, and the free space surrounds the center (core) except for the water area. The plan was to divide the personal sphere with furniture so that each person could create a place of their own to live, and enjoy a nomadic lifestyle.
- mamuu -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose

Design For Asia Award(アジアデザインアワード)Silver Award 受賞