写真:笹の倉舎写真事務所 笹倉洋平

This is a two-story wooden house for a family of five located in Hyogo Prefecture. Since it was anticipated from the beginning of the design that the building volume would be quite large, we were conscious of not wanting to scale out the surrounding environment, and as a result, the volume on the road side was made low-rise to reduce the sense of oppression on the road side, and the second story volume was placed at a certain distance away from the road so that the second story at the back would not be visible due to the volume. As a result, when viewed from the front, it only appears to be a single-story building, and the back is not visible, so at first glance it is unclear of the building’s volume. However, when you enter the building and proceed deeper into the segmented volumes, you gradually realize how large it is. A rich interior space unimaginable from the road spreads out, and the building seen from the courtyard has a completely different face to its facade.

Structure:Kataoka Structural Architects Office.
Photo:Sasanokurasha Photo Studio (Yohei Sasakura)