This is the final home for a retired couple located in Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture. The task given to us was to ensure comfort in the winter. Specifically, the snow on the roof in winter had to melt as quickly as possible, there was no need to shovel snow from the car, and warmth was ensured. Therefore, the roof shape that would ensure the most sunlight under the existing environment was considered, and the entire house was covered with a large roof. By making the inside of the roof a unified space, the room temperature was kept constant, and it was planned that the client could spend the winter in short sleeves in the house. This was ensured by a heat storage heater + combustion stove + upper fan + one-room space. This large-roofed house, which serves as a shelter in the harsh winter environment of the Hokuriku region, is not only warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer due to its shape, allowing the wind to pass through, and it is a house that sometimes coexists with the natural environment, and sometimes confronts it.

Structure:Amano Architect and Structural Design Office, Ltd.
Photo:Yutaka Kinumaki