The site is located in an area in Osaka City where houses and factories are mixed together. The client, who runs a factory nearby, purchased two plots of land that had been sold for sale in order to build a readymade home. The client, who loves surfing and resorts, wanted a resort feeling home, in a place that had nothing to do with or was the opposite of a resort. So, we interpreted this "resort feeling" as a place where the mind can feel at ease. And in an area where factories and houses are crowded, we decided to propose a space that blends in with the area, yet allows the client to feel calm and have a place of spiritual comfort. Therefore, we created a warehouse-like box that looked like it had been built on the spot for some time, and then added the functions of living inside it layer by layer. The family consists of two couples. The first floor is a multipurpose space where employees and friends can gather, depending on their needs. The structure is extremely simple, with an LDK on the second floor and a bedroom and bathroom on the third floor. Each floor is connected by an atrium staircase built to bring in natural light from the south, resulting in a large one-room space that is connected vertically through the staircase. Currently, the west side of the building is a vacant lot, but considering that something will be built on it someday, there are no openings on the east and west sides. As it is crowded on three sides except for the north side, which is the front road side, so it is necessary to let in natural light. By limiting the opening to the south staircase and the opening from the road to the north, we are able to control the light in the interior space, and the shadows that appear throughout the day add depth to the limited space.
- sohsoan -

Photo:Tomoyuki Kusunose